What is Physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy is a system of assessing and treating pain and restrictions in the body.

The Physiotherapist starts with an assessment and then explains in plain english - what is injured? what is the most effective treatment? and how long will the process of rehabilitation take?

Hands-on treatment starts on the initial appointment. It includes deep tissue massage with additional spinal or joint mobilisations, stretching and other release techniques. The purpose is to restore full movement, to reduce pain and discomfort, and to restore normal function (the ability to do what you want to do). The effects of the treatment are monitored in terms of pain reduction or improvements in range of movement.

In order to restore strength and flexibility you'll be taught a customised Pilates exercise programme (if appropriate to the injury), and given injury management advice on how best to support the healing process and get back to full fitness.

Testimonials For Physiotherapy @ The Light Centre

I have been suffering from back and neck pain on and off for the last 10 years, with a list of ailments as long as my arm. Maitrinara is one of the few people I trust to actually touch my back and neck and get to the heart of the problem and ‘fix me’ - I usually walk in with pain and out feeling a million times better. He is an absolute expert in what he does, patient and extremely knowledgeable helping to always put me at ease. Following a microdiscectomy in 2016, Maitrinara was the person who helped me gain my confidence in getting back to normality. That support has been invaluable both mentally and physically and I can’t recommend him highly enough.
— Manjit - Project manager
“I am very glad that I chose treatment from Maitrinara during my recent injury, not only does he listen to what’s going on but he is also very supportive and puts you at ease, getting you in the right mind set to get your injury on the right path! I highly recommend!”
— Hayley Johnston - A client since she was a student at URDANG DANCE ACADEMY, now seen rehearsing for FAME! on tour musical
Halley Johnston in rehearsal for FAME! musical on tour